The WGRC’s Native American Heritage Month Scavenger Hunt was started in 2020 as a way for students to explore Native American identity and culture in a socially-distanced, customized way. Participants reported that they enjoyed the program and learned a lot, so it’s back again in 2021! Participants will complete missions to earn points from November 5 -20. After November 20, points will be tallied and prizes will be awarded. All UA students are eligible to participate! Questions about the program can be directed to Elizabeth Lester.

Game Rules and Strategy

  • Read all the missions first! Some missions are time bound or require you to register in advance.
  • Follow the mission instructions and document your progress using the mission tracker each time you complete a mission.
  • Results will be posted and emailed to you after the scavenger hunt ends on November 30.

Mission Completion Tracker!

Complete the mission tracker every time you complete a mission and fulfill the instructions for that mission in your tracker.

Mission Tracker

Each time you fill out your mission tracker, you’ll be asked to provide your name, email and the mission title. You’ll be asked to answer a question or upload a video or picture depending on the mission instructions. Once you’ve submitted your completed mission, you’ll receive email verification of your submission.

Mission Category: Events at UA

Moundville Archeological Park Service Project  (150 points)

Join us for our November 18 service project at the Moundville Archeological Park from 3-5 p.m. and assist with preservation projects on location. Email Elizabeth for details, especially if you aren’t able to make it to the Action Team meeting on November 4 at 4 p.m.

Food for Thought: Native American Heritage Month Basket Weaving Demonstration (150 points)

This program will address the rich and diverse traditions and histories of Native American people and includes a special demonstration by Mary Smith focused on the meaning and role of basket weaving. While supplies last, participants will have the opportunity to make their own baskets. Take a selfie at the event and upload it to prove you attended!

November 10, 12-1 p.m.

Register for Food for Thought

Grab your Gear (40 points)

Pick your NAHM Scavenger Hunt t-shirt from the WGRC.  Take a selfie in or with your new shirt, and post it in the mission tracker.

Visit the Moundville Display in the Intercultural Diversity Center (75 points)

There are a number of items on display in the IDC on loan from Moundville. Go visit and write a response about the thing you found most interesting and why.

Mission Category: Moundville Archeological Park

Get into the park for free joining us for the service project on November 18 or attend for free on November 11 between 1-4 p.m.

Document your journey up the steps of Mound B (150 points)

Vlog or create a TikTok of your journey to the top of Mound B, and post it in the mission tracker. Get as creative as you like with your video. Don’t forget, you can win prizes for most creative posts, as well as, most points earned, and most objectives completed!

Take a Selfie from on the top of Mound B (50 points)

Get out of the house for a bit, and go explore Moundville Archeological Park! Head to the tip top of Mound B and take a selfie; post it in the mission tracker.

Help us Solve a Cold Case (200 points)

Learn about the Erskine Ramsay Theft that took place at Moundville, and post your theory about who was responsible in the mission tracker.

Hint: check out #moundvillemondays

Mission Category: Do Some Research

Each question below is worth 10 points (if you get the correct answer). To get your points, find the answer and log it in the mission tracker.

  • Which Native American tribes are from areas in Alabama?
  • What was the real name of the woman referred to as Pocahontas?
  • Before colonization, what kind of homes did members of the Poarch Creek tribe live in?
  • Who is the Black Warrior river named for?
  • When did Native Americans get the right to vote in the US?

Mission Category: Film and Documentaries

Thick Dark Fog (100 points)

Watch “The Thick Dark Fog” on Kanopy and post a video review of the film (30-60 seconds) in the mission tracker.

Keepers of the Game (100 points)

Watch the documentary “Keepers of the Game” on Kanopy. Post a video film review (30-60 seconds long) in the mission tracker.

Native American Prisoners of War (100 points)

Watch Aaron Huey’s Ted Talk on American Native prisoners of war and post a 30-60 second reflection in the mission tracker.

Mission Category: Content Creators

All My Relations Podcast (50 points)

Listen to any episode of the “All My Relations” podcast and post a 30-60 second video reflection on the episode in the mission tracker.

True Crime All the Time (100 points)

Indulge your true crime obsession with this objective! Listen to the first season of This Land podcast, and post a video reflection of the case in the mission tracker.

Mission Category: Help us, Help You!

Take our Assessment Survey for 100 Points!!!

At the end of your participation in the NAHM Scavenger Hunt, take one minute to earn an extra 100 points by filling our our assessment survey.