The Women and Gender Resource Center addresses gender inequity and fosters a community of multiculturalism, social justice, safety, and leadership through gender-related outreach, advocacy, and support to communities of all identities.

The WGRC provides free, confidential, and voluntary counseling and advocacy services to members of The University of Alabama community who are victims/survivors of interpersonal violence. Services are also provided to family and friends who have been impacted by the abuse, to Shelton State students, and to anyone who is victimized on The University of Alabama campus.

Additionally, the Women and Gender Resource Center offers a variety of programming designed to promote social justice and address gender disparities in academia, government, and the workforce. These programs include year long efforts such as the Student Leadership Council, gender specific mentoring programs, and Momentum: Women’s Dissertation and Thesis Support Group, as well as one-time programs like Start Smart Pay Negotiation Workshops and Ready to Run.

Client forms are now online!

Client forms are now online!

The WGRC is now able to offer tele-therapy services. These services will be extended to current clients who have seen us in person, as well as new clients.

Register to Serve as a WGRC Ambassador or WGRC Safe Sister

Registration is open for students who want to become WGRC peer educator/leaders. Join us for monthly training sessions and engage in projects to educate our community on issues of interpersonal violence.
WGRC Scholarships

Apply for WGRC Scholarships!

The WGRC has scholarships available for clients (Project Hope) and WGRC student leaders (Service Leadership). Applications are due March 1!