EveryWoman Book Club

EveryWoman Book Club has existed for over 15 years. It emphasizes works written by and about women. During the fall and spring semesters, we read texts that focus on different heritage/history months. September is Hispanic/Latinx History Month, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and/or LGBTQ History Month, and November is Native American History Month. In the spring, February is Black History Month, March is Women’s History Month, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and May is Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month. During the summer months we still host book club, but our June, July, and August picks are not defined by heritage or awareness months. The books we read range in genre and style.

The EveryWoman Book Club typically meets the fourth Thursday of every month, with the exception typically being November due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Monthly updates and reminders are sent out with exact dates.

EveryWoman Book Club is open to faculty, staff, community members, and graduate students. The Center usually reserves at least one copy for Book Club members at our library, which can be reserved and picked up by calling 205-348-5040. You can join the book club simply by emailing our Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Lester, at elester1@ua.edu.

Spring/Summer 2024

EveryWoman Book Club meets at Legend’s Bistro inside of Hotel Capstone. Check out the Spring 2024 lineup!

RSVP by e-mailing Elizabeth Lester.