The Action Team is a terrific opportunity to work with the WGRC to organize and execute service and advocacy projects throughout the fall and spring semesters. With the Action Team, you can sign up to contribute all of our service projects or simply join in for the ones that matter to you most. Action Team members earn service hours and experience in event and program development, marketing, advocacy, and issues of diversity and inclusion.

The Action Team coordinates one service project each month of the academic term that engages with an issue of social justice and equity on campus or in the Tuscaloosa community. Participants will attend a kick-off meeting at the beginning of each month. During this meeting, you’ll learn about our service project, the community it serves, and sign up for organizing and implementation jobs. Throughout the month, you’ll work with other Action Team members to contribute to the project. At the end of each month, we’ll meet again to conclude the project.

Be on the lookout for additional information!

Additional Information

Inquiries about volunteering should be addressed to our office at 205-348-5040.